Enhance Cybersecurity Know-How: Empower your team with Security Awareness Training. Comprehensive IT security education for Irish businesses. Mitigate risks, thwart phishing attacks, and foster a vigilant workforce. Customizable content, personalized delivery. Safeguard your organization in Ireland with effective cybersecurity awareness
Security Awareness Service trains your employees using realistic spear phishing simulations and AI-powered e-training, heightening awareness of cyber security risks and threats. Employees learn effectively on how to protect themselves and your company. Fully automatic and easy to use.



Interactive e-learning that is motivating and fun


E-tutorials convey key content on various aspects of IT security in a way which is easy to understand, entertaining and brings the topics to life. The focus is on content that is instantly relatable to every- day life, even for non-experts, and can be put into practice directly. One to three learning modules are available for each topic, comprising of interactive e-tutorials, video clips or PDFs. There are also refresher modules to help participants recall content they have covered previously.

  • Interactive e-tutorials – Are broken down into multiple modules of 2 to 10 minutes each. Progress is saved, allowing participants to complete each module in one or several sittings.
  • Short Videos – The 60 to 90-second video clips aim to motivate learners, heighten their awareness of specific information on security challenges, as well as recap or consolidate individual learning objectives.
  • PDF / Documents – Our PDFs contain information to accompany the e-tutorials and can be saved or printed out by your employees for quick access.
  • Refresher Modules – To help your employees refresh their knowledge, we also offer refresher modules that provide a clear summary of the content already covered.


Monitoring also plays a key role. Training can be managed and learning progress is tracked in the Security Hub.

Through the Security Hub, participants who have successfully completed the e-tutorials modules assigned to them, can also obtain a personalized participation certificate, which can be used as proof under ISO 270 01.

Overview of E-Tutorials

No NameFormat
1IT and me: My contribution to securityE-Training
2Social EngineeringE-Training
3Email SecurityE-Training
4Passwords and authenticationE-Training
5Social MediaE-Training
7Staying secure while working from homeE-Training
8Setting an example for information security as managerVideo
9Data protectionE-Training
10Dangerious Macros – Emotet and Macrovirus PandemicVideo
11Don’r swallow the bait – fake login pagesVideo
12.1Information protection classesE-Training
12.2How to properly protect inoformationPDF
13.1Report IT security incidentsE-Training
13.2Detect IT security incidentsPDF
13.3IT emergency cardPDF
14.1Security when working mobileE-Training
14.2BYOD and mobile devise securityPDF
15.1Staying secure on the internetE-Training
15.2Dangerous websites – protecting systems against attacksPDF
16The reporter button – one-click decision supportVideo
17VishingRefresher module
18PhishingRefresher module
19Social MediaRefresher module
20Staying secure working from homeRefresher module
21Secure handling of passwords and access dataRefresher module
223Phishing emails and mobile devisesE-Training
24Clean Desk PolicyE-Training
25IoT – Benefits & DangersE-Training
26USB Drop AttacksE-Training
27Shoulder SurfingE-Training
28Gift Card ScamsE-Training
29Adware & MalvertisingE-Training
30Security in Online MeetingsE-Training
31Bots & BotnetsE-Training

The Awareness Engine is the technological heart of our Security Awareness Service and offers the right amount of training for every individual.

Every user receives as much training as needed and no more than required. 

  • Needs-based provision of relevant e-training content
  • Booster option for users requiring more intensive e-training
  • Fully automatic management of e-training


  • Realistic, individually customized spear phishing simulations of differing degrees of severity – so that employees can detect even the most sophisticated of attacks.
  • State-of-the-art phishing scenarios also lead to bogus login pages, contain file attachments with macros, and e-mails with response threads.

Awareness Engine

  • Auto Training Mode: Learning content is automatically rolled out to users and groups on demand. Single User & Productivity Booster: Users with additional learning needs are trained more intensively; users at a very good security level, on the other hand, are trained less.
  • Automatic onboarding of new users (requires LDAP/AD Sync.)
  • Manual Training Mode: There is an option to manually roll out training modules to the groups and users

Manual Training Mode: There is an option to manually roll out training modules to the groups and users


Cybersecurity Solutions for you

SMBs Are Being Targeted for Cyberattacks

Don’t let yours be next.

When you’re running a small to medium-sized business, you may think that you’re not going to become a victim of a cyberattack. Maybe you think that your data and files aren’t valuable enough to be stolen—or even worse, that your current cybersecurity strategy is strong enough to protect them. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, cybercriminals are becoming smarter every day, and since their methods are constantly changing, your security needs will also need to evolve. To stay safe, adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects your entire organization.

Basic Cyber Insurance insists that all staff receive training on recognizing and mitigating phishing threats. This exam focuses on enhancing awareness, helping to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to cyber attacks, This is a requirement for minimizing associated insurance claims and risks.


This is ongoing education that encompasses various aspects of IT security, not just email security. It can be utilized independently or in conjunction with other services. The training content, including phishing simulations, is adaptable, and delivery timing is personalized. It offers visibility into individual user training data


Specialized program offering comprehensive education on Microsoft 365 applications and features. Tailored for enhanced productivity and security, this training equips users with the skills to maximize the potential of Microsoft 365 in a cloud-based environment.


Azure training is a specialized program focused on Microsoft Azure cloud services. This comprehensive training equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Azure services, enhancing proficiency in cloud computing, infrastructure management, and application. deployment.

Specialized program designed to educate individuals and organizations on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This training ensures a comprehensive understanding of GDPR principles, compliance requirements, and best practices for data protection in the digital landscape.


SharePoint training is tailored for users seeking expertise in Microsoft SharePoint. This comprehensive training equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective collaboration, content management, and customization within the SharePoint platform in a cloud-based environment.

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