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Phishing is a form of social engineering cybercriminals use to access your data. The scam typically begins with an email crafted to gain your trust. The goal is to trick you into clicking on a link (containing malware) or providing sensitive information (like a password).


Knowledge is power and one of the most effective tools against social engineering scams. The more you and your staff know, the less likely cybersecurity attacks are to successfully infiltrate your business.

Phishing Security

Cyber Security 101

Look at the sender’s name / URL. Read the email carefully. Look for misspellings or grammatical errors?

Be suspicious of emails with urgent messaging and those requesting you provide sensitive information.

When in doubt, never click on a suspicious link, open attachments or provide personal information.

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Enhance Cybersecurity Know-How: Empower your team with Security Awareness Training. Comprehensive IT security education for Irish businesses. Mitigate risks, thwart phishing attacks, and foster a vigilant workforce. Customizable content, personalized delivery. Safeguard your organization in Ireland with effective cybersecurity awareness

10 Reasons to invest in Cybersecurity Services

Protecting sensitive business data is easier with a trusted tech advisor in your corner.

Our security experts will monitor your networks 24/7/365 for suspicious activity and safeguard your business day and night. 

Forget about devastating data losses with automatic data backup solutions that you can count on. 

In the event of a crisis, we’ll minimize business disruption and make sure your network is up-and-running again in no time. 

Benefit from affordable cybersecurity services for SMBs that fit your needs and your budget.

Following government guidelines is easier when your IT infrastructure is secure and up-to-date.

Give your workforce the skills they need to reduce human error and prevent phishing scams and worse. Check out our training program

Get in-depth advice from knowledgeable security experts who will help you address your unique risks.

Develop a custom business continuity plan designed to support your business goals both online and off. 

Avoid downtime and related costs with secure hardware maintenance for mobile devices, printers and more. 

Work with security experts who have top-tier training and will keep up with constantly changing threats so you don’t have to


The Average Data Breach Costs €50k plus  

If securing your business sounds expensive, think about the cost of an attack and the compliance headaches that would come along with it. 

Having top-tier IT services will help you optimize your office, but it’s going to take a more robust security strategy to fend off attacks going forward. Until you take control of IT, you run the risk of losing everything to an attack.  

Security Awareness Service trains your employees using realistic spear phishing simulations and AI-powered e-training, heightening awareness of cyber security risks and threats. Employees learn effectively on how to protect themselves and your company. Fully automatic and easy to use.


Monitoring also plays a key role. Training can be managed and learning progress is tracked in the Security Hub.

Through the Security Hub, participants who have successfully completed the e-tutorials modules assigned to them, can also obtain a personalized participation certificate, which can be used as proof under ISO 270 01.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions 

How We Can Help  

Contact one of our cyber security consultants 


We deliver industry-specific IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses that understand the importance of security. 


Strengthen Your Foundation  

  • Improve Cybersecurity 

  • Streamline Operations 

  • Drive Efficiency 

If you’re ready to make smart investments in technology management services that defend your business from modern security threats, we’re ready to lead the way. Take the first step with a security assessment. Contact us today to get started. 

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