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GDPR and Data Protection 

Staff Awareness E-learning Course

Join the thousands of organisations that are already using our e-learning courses online.

This interactive e-learning course introduces employees to the key data protection practices they need to know of, and how this related to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  It provides a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the Regulation, and explains how these can be applied in today’s workplace and according to the European data protection law’s. It is designed for staff who process personal information as part of their job, including non-technical staff.

Why is staff training important?

Demonstrate GDPR compliance

Under the GDPR you must be able to provide evidence of your compliance. Online GDPR training for employees is the easiest way of proving compliance.

Empower your staff

Educate employees on their responsibilities with data protection training for staff to implement best practices and actively comply with the Regulation.

Avoid a hefty fine

GDPR online training for employees educates users on the consequences of a data breach, incentivising staff to safeguard the personal data they process.

Reinforce awareness

Refresh staff understanding as part of a continual staff awareness programme with this annual licence.

Strengthen your defences

Investing in expensive technology won’t matter if your staff don’t correctly process the data they handle.

Showcase your employee’s knowledge

Enable your employees to demonstrate their competence in the GDPR and data protection with digital badges. These can be included in email signatures and shared on social platforms.

What’s covered?

  • Introduction to data protection and the GDPR
  • What data confidentiality, integrity and availability means and how to maintain it
  • Examples of personal data and best practice for protecting it
  • How functions within the organisation help protect data
  • How the organisation complies with its obligations and who to ask for further information
  • The key data protection principles and how to adhere to them

Why choose Zettabytes eLearning?

  • Shop with confidence – more than 1,000 organisations use our e-learning courses, 
  • The e-learning courses have received an world-class NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +80.
  • Industry experts develop our staff awareness training, so you can be safe in the knowledge the content is accurate and up to date.
  • Guaranteed results – track progress and run reports on completion for auditing purposes.
  • Fast, easy deployment that’s compatible with any device, including desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Customise the learner experience by adding your company branding in the LMS and include links to relevant documents (e.g. social media policy).
  • Flexible payment with annual renewals.
  • Our e-learning team is on hand to support and guide you throughout the deployment.

Key features

Annual licence

This is a one-year, renewable licence.

Short duration

Our e-learning courses are easy-to-use, concise and ideal for initial and repeat engagement.

Test staff understanding

The assessments include randomly selected multiple-choice questions to help consolidate learning.

Retake as many times as you need

The assessments can be retaken as many times as needed until the pass mark has been achieved.

Multiple hosting options

Our e-learning courses are hosted on our LMS (learning management system) to save you time on deployment. 

Audit trail

Track participation and test results to demonstrate compliance should you be audited.

Reinforce awareness

Free monthly security bulletin that includes the latest news and tips.

Digital badges

Showcase your employee’s knowledge in core areas your customers are concerned about. Our digital badges are available from the LMS and can be used on email signatures and social profiles.

World-class service

Our customers have rated our e-learning as world-class with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +80.

The benefits of e-learning

  • E-learning is a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training with minimal disruption.
  • Provides systematic, consistent and repeatable training for multiple learners, which ensures high retention rates and consistency across company learning.
  • The training record stored in our LMS makes compliance audits a breeze.
  • The e-learning courses hosted on our LMS can be accessed from anywhere and can be customised with your branding.
  • No travelling or other course attendance costs, as learners study from their desk around existing commitments.
  • Delivered over the Internet, so there are no additional technology or integration costs or challenges.
  • Can be deployed for existing employees and as part of the induction for new starters, creating distinct knowledge level across the company.
  • Our courses are available as a one-year, easily renewable licence – helping staff retain knowledge to ensure better compliance.
  • Ability to buy multiple licences and multi-year deals enables you to keep costs down.
  • We frequently update our courses with new information, which is automatically rolled out to you.

What’s the difference between individual licences and corporate licences?

Individual e-learning licences are best suited to single users that require easy and immediate implementation of staff awareness solutions.

You can purchase up to two individual e-learning licences at a time, and you can assign licences to your staff via your Account area.

Corporate e-learning licences are best suited to organisations that require complete oversight of the implementation and uptake of their staff awareness programme.

Corporate e-learning licences allow you to monitor course and exam completion, including exam scores, and export reports to demonstrate your organisation’s collective understanding of the subject. You can also customise the look and feel of the LMS (learning management system) area for a more corporate learning experience.

You can purchase up to 1,000 corporate e-learning licences at a time, and you can assign the licences to your staff via the LMS.


Need more than 1,000 licences?

If you require more than 1,000 licences, please speak to one of our experts. This will help us understand your requirements and scope so we can send you a tailored quote.



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