How often have you asked the question: “What do you mean that’s not covered? Why do I need to pay more?”

​​With XaaS from Zettabytes, all you do is pick the products and the services that your business needs, while you pay a fixed monthly fee for all your IT business needs. And the best news is, that in three years’ time from when you take out the agreement with us, we will come in and replace your laptops, servers, screens, multifunction devices, telephony devices, everything IT related with brand new equipment!

XaaS is emerging as a highly desirable option for both customers and providers. Customers gain flexibility, lower costs and freedom from device management responsibilities, while providers benefit from new services revenue, a more predictable revenue stream, lower warranty costs, and substantially reduced sourcing costs through device re-deployment.

​​What are the benefits of XaaS?

It reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the hardware life cycle: by wrapping hardware, software and lifecycle services into a single package and offering it as paid service, XaaS shifts costs from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operational expenditures (OPEX), potentially reducing TCO.

​​Because of the subscription-based pricing for the entire hardware lifecycle, your CFO understands exactly what costs to expect. This results in greater efficiencies when it comes to budgeting and hardware refreshes.

​​It eliminates the end-of-life (EOL) challenges. ​​When vendors announce EOL either for hardware or software, an organization must re-evaluate its IT infrastructure, especially for business-critical applications. In doing so, an organization can end up generating many points of failure that jeopardize its bottom line.

​​With XaaS, the costs and responsibility of secure device disposal shift from the organization to the provider. It simplifies the management of software updates and patches and increases your company’s flexibility.

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